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Here is the version 1.0.4

Without a license number, the software works in demo mode, and only the saving of documents is blocked. This is an easy way to test it.

If you already have a previous version of Hop! Study installed, use this archive to update your software to the latest version. Your licence number should not be needed.

Download the latest version here!

Windows XP, Vista, 7 : HopStudy-v104-WIN.exe 6,5 Mo

If a firewall is blocking : 6,5 Mo

Mac OS X Universal : HopStudy-v104-OSX.dmg 14,1 Mo

How to install and start the software?

    Decompress the downloaded ZIP archive if you had to choose this link.
    Start the installer HopStudy-WIN.exe.
    The installer will then invite you to start the software.
    For the next sessions, use the application shortcut Hop! Study.EXE located on your desktop (or in the Start menu) to start the application.
  • MAC OS :
    Open the DMG archive you downloaded. This should reveal a virtual disk named HopStudy-MAC-OSX. Move the folder Hop! Study OSX onto your desktop.
    Start the application Hop! Study from there.

To better explore the software...

  • Open the document example CATS.stu and consult each page to discover how the student built this research.
  • Consult the User's Guide (PDF) to discover more about Hop! Study's tools. You can access it through the Help menu.

What is new in version 1.0.4?

  • The planner is now optional. The software opens by presenting an empty document, making it easy to experiment, and lay down ideas without having to first choose a project type.
    However, all the features of the planner are still available! From now on, you just have to open it manually, by choosing it in the submenu "Open recent" or by the standard Open Dialog.
  • The index page now provides easy-to-use buttons to create new pages.
  • In version 1.0.3, a bug made it impossible to enter special characters with the ALT-GR key. It is now corrected.
  • There was a sneaky bug when trying to save a "read-only" file. Saving seemed to work but in fact failed silently. Now, we present an error dialog, inviting you to save the file under another name.
  • Several other minor problems have been corrected.


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Our software are no longer supported and therefore not for sale anymore.

Cyberlude is slowly moving its product line into web services.

There will be public announcement when the first product is completed, and a direct email to all our client base.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.