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User's Guide in PDF format

You can download the complete version of the User's Guide as provided with Hop! Study. This guide should give you a good idea of the many possibilities of the software and enable you to discover exceptional functions harder to find.

The guide contains 24 pages divided in 6 sections

  • Software Overview
  • Planner: Create a New Planner, Using the Planner
  • Work Management: Task, Project and Assessment Tabs
  • Content Pages: Navigation, Templates, Diagrams, Cards, Linear Organizers, Q&A Cards
  • Testing Environment
  • Features: Hyperlinks, Text Search, Toolbar, Navigation Bar and Menus

Interesting fact: all illustrations in the guide have been quickly made with Hop! Study itself...


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Our software are no longer supported and therefore not for sale anymore.

Cyberlude is slowly moving its product line into web services.

There will be public announcement when the first product is completed, and a direct email to all our client base.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.