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In secondary school

Secondary students need to learn how to fulfill requirements set by different teachers. Hop! Study is the perfect companion because it introduces them to efficient work methods and gives them the tools they need to work on projects and prepare for exams.

How to get started? – Projects
Start with a project that usually requires greater effort on the part of the student (such as reading summary and presentation). Because the application provides them with an action plan and page templates to fill out, students face smaller, more manageable tasks that make it easier for them to finish their project.

At the beginning, students simply enter information on the provided templates. Based on their needs, they gradually start to discover the variety of tools available. Eventually, they learn how to modify page templates or create their own from scratch.


How to study? – Knowledge bases
In addition to the projects, Hop! Study allows students to create empty documents (knowledge bases) where they store information. They can use page templates (definition, formula, grammar rule, etc.) or build their own using different formats: cards, diagrams, timelines, and question-and-answer cards. This helps motivate students to be actively engaged in their study activities, which is essential for academic success.


The testing environment is another great feature of Hop! Study, allowing students to test themselves on the pages they have created. It is extremely reassuring for students to be able to review stored contents more easily and receive an actual percentage grade before the exam.


Just like a Swiss knife!
Hop! Study is packed with useful resources that offer you limitless possibilities to discover. Here are some examples:
  • Cards are useful for taking notes and storing different kinds of information.
  • Timelines, Numeric scales, and Diagrams make it easy to visually organize information and summarize what was learnt.
  • Students can print diagrams, timelines, and numeric scales, or insert them as an image in another application.
  • Students can use the application as a presentation tool by creating hyperlinks from one page to another.
  • The application also contains comment, review, and editing grids for different types of projects.
  • Information balloons provide valuable tips to help maximize results.

Other examples of pages:





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