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At the end of elementary school

Using Hop! Study at the end of elementary school is a winning strategy that places students a step ahead by providing them with an additional skill to manage the bigger projects required in secondary school.

How to get started?
A take-home project, such as an oral presentation or a research project, provides an excellent opportunity to discover Hop! Study. Each project is divided into smaller tasks that are more manageable and easier to understand.

Each task contains valuable tips as well as page templates that help children enter information step by step and make tangible progress on their projects.


Just like a Swiss knife!
Hop! Study is packed with useful resources that offer you limitless possibilities to discover. Here are some examples:
  • Hop! Study contains a testing environment that helps children prepare Question-and-Answer cards. These can be used to review and test what they have learned.
  • Children can use the software to add visual material to any kind of schoolwork. They can build their own diagrams, timelines, and numeric scales, which can be printed or inserted in another application.
  • The application also contains comment, review, and editing grids for different types of projects.

Other examples of pages:





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