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In college or university

At the post-secondary level, Hop! Study is a truly remarkable tool for organizing knowledge, reviewing study material, managing deadlines, and communicating concepts.

Two types of documents
Two choices are offered when creating a new document:
  • create a blank document:
    a knowledge base
  • create a document from a template:
    a project

Knowledge bases
Active study and active reading are essential for academic success. The knowledge base is an efficient way to group a large quantity of information in one single document. Information can be entered using various formats, such as cards, diagrams, timelines, and question-and-answer cards.

Each knowledge base can contain several pages. An index panel and a search panel allow easy access to information.

Combined with the knowledge base, the testing environment is a dynamic study tool that can be used to evaluate your comprehension, test your memory, and obtain a percentage grade before an exam.


School projects
Action plans assist with time management and guide you through the best steps you need to follow to complete different kinds of projects. Every action plan is linked to page templates developed specifically for each type of project.


Handling information
Hop! Study is packed with useful resources that offer you limitless possibilities to discover. Here are some examples:
  • Cards are useful for taking notes and storing different kinds of information.
  • Timelines, Numeric scales, and Diagrams make it easy to visually organize information and summarize what you have learned.
  • Your diagrams, timelines, and numeric scales can be printed or inserted as an image in another application.
  • You can create hyperlinks to different pages of your document, to a webpage, or to any other document.

Other examples of pages:





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