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Work Schedule: To see what has been produced so far and what still needs to be done.

Narrative Project: To reflect on the writing project.

Characters, Places and Objects: To create descriptive file cards for the story's main elements.

Vocabulary and Strategies: To create synonym and strategy file cards.

Storyline: To spread out the narrative's events over the story's timeline.

Manuscript: For drafting, revising and editing your story.

Add Linking Words: To select a linking word to be inserted into the text.

Seek Random Ideas: To help the author when he or she is lacking ideas.

Page Setup: To add images and prepare the printing of the book.

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Our software are no longer supported and therefore not for sale anymore.

Cyberlude is slowly moving its product line into web services.

There will be public announcement when the first product is completed, and a direct email to all our client base.

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